Friday, June 18, 2010


Well, there's a distinct possibility that the amount of beer that I consumed last weekend - well really, from Friday THROUGH Monday evening may have a direct correlation to the poundage gained when I weighed in today. The amount of weight gained is both shocking and unbelievable (to me). So I will be starting that food journal back PRONTO. I will not be disclosing what I gained quite yet because I am still in disbelief. Looks like a slight glass of wine tonight will be it! I wouldn't have any at all except that I'm going to dinner with my sister who is in town and my parents - we're headed to Lana's = Italian food... I've never been drawn towards pasta - but if that arises, I certainly will not get any!

I'll write more later - it took me all day to put this on here - I weighed in this morning...
I just can't believe it :(