Thursday, July 1, 2010

Crazy girl spinning

I went to spinning yesterday - I've decided that the only way to keep myself interested in these tasks at hand are to speckle my work outs with LOTS of classes! So I went to spinning yesterday, hoping it would be Catherine teaching it - but unfortunately she had to get a sub... and that sub was a spin instructor I've had before - she's CRAZY! She was actually the teacher I had when I fell off the bike long time ago (that's right - for you who have not read the blog before, I fell off a stationary bike) - and though I don't attribute my fall to this teacher, I still think she's crazy and she's not my number one pick - but I did get my butt kicked - which I believe falls under the goals for this week...

Crazy girl spinning includes: hovering while pedaling, being in hand position 3, while sitting on the bike with the resistance so high that you stop/start a lot..., putting the resistance up really high while your hands are held behind you and you lean over to pedal... plus the normal jumps (though her jumps are weird), sprints, etc. I must say, for the sake of my back, I didn't do the hovering, the sitting and pedaling in hand position 3 or the one with no arms (talk about opportunities of falling off a stationary bike!!)

I also stayed and did some weights afterwards - which have my leg muscles screaming today!! I should have stayed and done more weights - aka arms! but I didn't have an extra pair of shoes with me and I don't like walking around in bike cleats.. slippin and slidin = the result - and for me, probably a fall or 2... ;)

This morning I'm finishing up a VERY important application that I MUST finish before noon! Then I have laundry and prep's for this weekend to complete - but I can assure you that a class at the gym will happen this afternoon... I'm choosing between: JoeDbands @ 4:30, Nia @ 5:15, water aerobics at 5:30, hip-hop @ 6:15, & zumba at 6:30 - or maybe some combo of those... maybe some joe D bands followed by some hip hop? I don't know - but I'll keep you posted on what I decide!

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  1. OMG! Hearing this made me sick to my stomach. Dont do any of this- She is obviously not a certified spinning instructor.
    Loved your blog! MISS U